A nine month journey to support the deepening of all participants’ astrological crafts, coming to you January - September 2021.


This is a level two program for alumni of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive.


We will materialize a new evolution of ourselves as astrologers, honing our skills, cultivating unique voice, and creating a body of work.


This group is about developing quality astrology and building intimacy with the practice in a group of other committed journeyers. Because Evolutionary Astrology is such a soulful practice, we will bring a lot of enchantment and imagination into this space, in addition to building our interpretive acumen. 

This group is here for the cultivation of unique, embodied astrologers. There are two main ways we will accomplish this: rooting down and branching out. Rooting down, we will continue anchoring into the depth of the Evolutionary Astrology material by working with new curriculum, volunteer clients, as well as by discussing group members’ charts together and keeping our own introspective processes alive relative to our birth chart, transits, and psyches/souls. Branching out, participants will also embark on a culminating project as part of building and generating their own astrological body of work. 

We will explore astrology as a study as well as a way of life. We are going to go all in, devoting ourselves to the practice of astrology and the EMBODIMENT of being in lucid relationship with the cosmos, and being able to communicate our interpretations.


Topics explored & structure:

  • Nine month intimate container, including live recorded calls and group discussion outside of class
  • Chart practice with volunteer clients
  • Practice creating delineations
  • Transits and synastry
  • Counseling skills
  • Intimacy with the archetypes
  • Cultivating voice and methodology as an astrologer
  • Group discussion about members' natal charts and transits
  • Integrating Evolutionary Astrology with other forms of astrology and/or other disciplines
  • Exploring purpose
  • Exploring the transpersonal planets (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) through spiritual practices like visualization, and resources like channeled texts
  • Initiation through Independent study - by three months into the program students will come up with an independent study/creative project that ends in the production of a work of some kind (a booklet, an astrological text, a presentation). Everyone will present their creations at the end!

Astrological Embodiment Accelerator: advance your practice in community

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The Vibe

This group is an experimental adventure! Like a meteorite making it from outer space to the surface of the Earth, a purpose of this group is to become receptive to downloads and novel insights and to embody them. This is a high level practitioner group for people wanting to strengthen their astrology practice both for their own enrichment and for their participation in the world. By being in community and the unique field that opens up in this group, we’ll spark and accelerate our creativity.

A glimpse of what we'll cover...


Transpersonal Orientation, Spiritual Evolution and the Outer Planets

We’ll explore the spiritual and esoteric concepts/paths of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and look at ways to upgrade our spiritual technologies, resourcing several channeled texts and various techniques (some more mystical, some more practical, some both!). This becomes groundwork for learning how to access the chart and astrological transits more creatively and with greater empowerment.

The transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) correlate with forces beyond conventional reality. One can source mundane/surface interpretations of each (i.e. Uranus equals sudden shock) - however working with these planets can literally be a pathway into new worlds. Most students in this course already have experience with spiritual practices or mysticism - we are already in these realms. Learning how to work with the outer planets is modern magic. Drawing on our understanding of the archetypes of the outer planets, we will explore ways to experience these archetypes in applied ways and share our experiences in the group.


Soulmaking with Transits

We will learn about the basic methodology of how to observe, track, and participate with world/collective and personal transits, as well as secondary progressions. There will be a focus on personal development, and personal and spiritual growth and soulmaking through the transits, as opposed to anything concretely predictive or fatalistic. Participants will have a practice of tracking their transits (assisted by a personalized ephemeris from Honeycomb.Co) and transit correlations.


Chiron and the Asteroid Goddesses

We’ll learn about the asteroids Chiron, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres, and learn how to incorporate them into our personal/professional astrology practices.


Astrology of Relationship

In addition to learning about composite and synastry astrology, we will explore techniques like Essential Needs (utilizes the 2nd, 7th, and 12th houses and the positions of those house rulers to reflect upon an individual’s essential, projected, and ultimate needs in partnership). We will reflect on the earthly and transpersonal octaves of relationship through astrology (practical chemistry and spiritual purpose that comes through relationship).


Saturn & Uranus Cycles

Saturn and Uranus have predictable cycles (transiting Saturn to natal Saturn, and transiting Uranus to natal Uranus) that correlate with an individual’s development throughout their lifetime. We’ll learn about the nature of these cycles and track life events at significant Saturn and Uranus ages (i.e. 7, 14, 21, 28, 41, 58…) both past and future. Where necessary, we’ll send healing energy back into the past, and we will project a non-fear based prediction of what is to come and how to participate with it. This work gives us an opportunity to see a blueprint of our development through time, and once we sense the story or the mission we can be creative with how to participate.


Pattern and Story Recognition & Rewriting

We’ll practice utilizing astrology as an ally to shifting negative stories/beliefs/patterns in our lives, as well as utilizing pattern-breaking techniques as a way to elevate our astrological practice. It is said in varying shamanic and spiritual traditions that everything in this life is about relationship. Our relationship to ourselves, to the planets and their archetypes, and to the events in our life are of crucial importance and influence in how we will experience our natal charts and transits. We’ll work with story and mindset as ways to be in more psychologically skillful in our relationship to astrology.



Astrological Embodiment Accelerator: advance your practice in community

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