Online Presence as Performance Art


Cultivate an aligned magical personal brand and the courage to come out into the world with your gifts and soul's offering. 


This course is for you if you know you have something of value to offer to the world, if you offer services virtually or market your services online, and you’re still not comfortable expressing yourself on the internet or you feel weird about having a personal brand - but you’re ready to feel super empowered about how you exist on the internet.

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You have a deep yearning to share your magic with the world through your career.


You are a healing professional and/or a creative visionary who wants nothing more than to manifest your particular talents and gifts into the world.


And we're going to build a bridge to make that possible.

What's been stopping you from having a thriving online presence? Maybe you align with any of the following sentiments:

  • You've got things to say and magic to share with the world, but you have resistance and reticence about actually putting yourself out there. (This is really normal, and working with these emotional blocks is part of the professional work that goes into having an online presence.)
  • You’re worried that creating a personal brand means that you are somehow being inauthentic. You really want to be real and honest with who you are, and you're not sure yet how that would translate online. (It is true that how we present ourselves online is curated - but we get to decide how intimate we want our brand to be. Ultimately, it is also our honesty and being in true alignment with ourselves that drives the success and integrity of a personal brand - so you're onto it here, being yourself is crucial.)
  • You’re worried about what other people will think about you, especially if you are selling something. Maybe you even judge other people who are doing their thing online, in the same way you're judging yourself. (Entering into the public arena with your presence and your offerings changes your life and your perception. Letting yourself be seen as you are, in public, is a deep act of self-claiming. It will attract your community to you, and that MAY mean some people aren't into it. This isn't just about being liked here - this is about individuation and belonging, which are deep core needs. You CAN be yourself and have community. And it doesn't happen from hiding who you are.)
  • You just generally have fears and anxieties about putting yourself out there in a public way. You worry about how many likes you get, and then you worry about worrying about the likes. It feels like a headache. (I hear you - it's a lot of visiblity putting ourselves out there and then dealing with the metrics afterwards! It's just part of the territory, so we need to be in right relationship with it, and it is possible to do that.)


Despite your resistances, you’re also aware that:

  • Having an online presence could further your capacity to attract soulmate clients, and people beyond your immediate geographical area. Attracting clients gives you the financial freedom to do what you love as your career, rather than it being a side job or something you're not doing at all.
  • You do have something valuable to share and you just need the confidence and tools to start putting yourself out there. You do admire some people who are already doing it, and you're on the precipice of it yourself.
  • You’ve already created some impact with your gifts and offerings, and you know that can scale your influence by being more visible and reaching more people.
  • You do actually want to be seen and acknowledged, and have your work manifest as something real in the world.

You've heard a lot of people say something like “’s so much better to connect with people in person than online.”

Humanity has had millennia to develop in-person social graces. And then we had the invention of written language, and eventually letter correspondences. Maybe you’ve watched movies where a character is positively overtaken as they clutch a love letter close to them and they take in the magic of the word. Who decided that online communications couldn’t be enchanting, romantic, and delightful? It’s just a newer platform, and this sets you up to be a leader.

I get that human connection matters to you. So remember that people behind the screen are humans, and you can engage with their humanity even through a screen. In fact, it will make you stand out amidst the noise.

There is an entire community of likeminded humans across the globe that you could be connected with. These are people you are highly unlikely to just happen to meet in-person someday. And because these are people who aren’t limited to your geographical location, you have more freedom to connect over niche topics with people who just wish they knew more people like you where they live, too.

Connecting with people in-person and connecting with people online are different experiences. The story that the Internet is a place of isolation and soul-sucking scrolling is just a story, and one that is pessimistic and limiting from the start. In this course we will explore the Internet as an enchanted universe - one full of portals, opportunities, and inherent beauty and value. Learn how to be in right relationship with the Internet in this course, and as a result, make connections with real humans you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is crucial for you if you intend to share your services and gifts outside of your immediate geographical reach.

When you put yourself out there, unknown clients, colleagues, and friends come and find you.

I know it's a risk to put yourself out there. But it's one that comes with rewards.

In addition to having worked with more than a thousand people 1:1 who I met from putting myself out there online, I've made so many friends from the internet, especially people who share my career field (other astrologers). It's a friendship that builds from afar. At this point when I travel, I have friends across the globe I can hang out with. There will be colleagues in your niche who become your friends, and your original point of connection is a mutual nod of "I see you" because you both allowed your hearts to literally shine through your social media profiles.

The Syllabus - an Overview


Our container: This course is now available as a replay after being delivered in 2020. These lectures are written to be portal-opening, magical, and fascinating and I encourage students to really just absorb it and feel it. I will share different activities/practices that you can engage with outside of class to activate the course material in your life. You retain lifetime access to these recordings.


Here are the topics we'll be covering!


Week One: An Internet Mythos: Re-enchanting the Internet with the Web and the Weaver

We will deconstruct common narratives about the internet and social media that are a first barrier to having a more magical or fun relationship with the internet. The internet is a “web” and so we will explore relevant mythology around weaving and weavers. For us, this will continue into a conversation about how we “weave” a life for ourselves with the internet as a relevant and helpful tool. The internet is literally a medium that allows broadcasting, and at a very real level it allows us to send a signal out into the Universe that other beings can directly pick up on. Using this massive communication tool we can set things in motion, into reality, which is the magic of the weaver.



Week Two: An Internet Mythos: Re-enchanting the Internet with Uranus and Aquarius

We will also explore some mythologies/teachings around Uranus and Aquarius, two astrological archetypes that have to do with the internet (no previous astrological understanding necessary). Through these archetypes we will explore the process of personal individuation and how this can be in service to the collective, the practice of attuning with one’s channel and sending a signal, and meeting likeminded people along the way of expressing our unique signal. In previous centuries, unconventional people often had to hide the unconventional parts of themselves for fear of persecution (it wasn’t as safe to be weird as it is for us today) and they did not have the Internet as a way to reach other likeminded people. This tool that we now have also symbolizes an evolution in human consciousness and since it is still so new to humanity, we are also new in learning how to navigate this shared web. We’ll look into how the existence of the Internet symbolizes a new frontier of possibility for us within our own lives - of what kinds of friends and futures we can meet when we send our particular signal out into the world.



Week Three: Dreaming up the Impact You Wish to Have on the World & Who You Are in This Vision

Having a spiritually, intuitively, soulfully led business in part means that you align your actions and tangible strategies with a bigger-picture vision that is deeply meaningful to you. This vision could be a feeling state that you recognize as your highest place of alignment. This vision could also be how you imagine your life to look like in five, ten, fifteen years most ideally, even if you’re not sure how it’s going to happen or if it’s possible. We will explore some tools for visualization/visioning and how to translate these interiorly-sourced inspirations to external actions. We’ll explore why it’s important to keep dreaming (even after you set onto the path) and how to let the dream be a living force in your life.



Week Four: Method-Acting Your Dream Life: a Manifestation Tool

Now that we’ve begun the process of uncovering your dream in the previous week, we are going to explore a manifestation practice I’ve named “method-acting”. (I recorded about it on the podcast, here!) When you’ve had a job working for someone else, there were probably a set of behaviors you were expected to live out as a way of expressing your professionalism. Working for oneself and having a brand doesn’t mean you don’t have any rules. It just means that you make them up! It is of course important to be in integrity. Since you are the boss, being in integrity has a lot to do with letting your gifts and talents shine through and really living out your purpose. Method-acting manifestation is a process where you ritually create the life and career you are dreaming of through embodying it. This means you get so deep into character that you also… do the work! Your character gives you the ambition and energy to do it, and that’s the magic.



Week Five: Content Creation Strategies

Being a performance artist on the Internet involves the fact that you have something to share. We will explore some different techniques around the creative process of generating content, as well as the fact that there are different types or genres of content. We will explore the genres of personal sharing, displays of expertise and authority, educational posts, and sales.



Week Six: Online Infrastructure

Have you ever met someone who hates being on their phone and their phone kind of looks like it comes from another century (of the past, and yes I know phones didn’t exist then - I’m exaggerating)? When we don’t invest in having the right tools for our business (whether that’s a calendar system, or a mailing list, as a few examples), we make things harder for ourselves. We will explore some basic infrastructure strategies (like what’s a funnel?) and the mystical properties of having this infrastructure set up. Let’s say you invested in making your home beautiful so you feel cozy when you’re in it. What tools, apps, etc. are you investing in to make your online life more enjoyable and livable? This class will be an introduction to some basics around how to approach and build online infrastructure and the value of doing so. Genuinely this is not about vanity, but having the right tools for your trade.



Week Seven: Community is Everything - Community IS the Web

We’ll explore the practice of networking (in-person and online, and the crossovers between the two) and how to network from a place of alignment and real connection. Desiring an online presence is most often connected to a desire for influence - we have a value or a message we want to further into the world. Your community is sharing that lived dream with you, and there is an art to inviting them to participate further in that dream. Learning how to relate to your community as a whole can open up a dialogue of mutual support: you serve your community, and your community supports you. On the performance side, we’ll discuss how to encourage your audience to participate with your offerings - how you can invite them to your show, or I like to call it a party.



Week Eight: Unhooking From Fears that Keep You Small and Hold You Back

Whether you’re afraid of trolls, people judging you, failure, or any other number of things - we’ve all got some blocks and hang-ups and they are part of the path! While we may locate these fears as external circumstances, there is an internal part of us that is *getting something out of it* even if it’s just the feeling of being safe. In this class we’ll explore some deep clearing tools and techniques to become more consciously aware of fear, and clear it from our field. Remember that any process of courage, whether it’s to take up space in the world or truly be ourselves or anything else, is a confrontation with fear, not actual fearlessness. To be successful in building an online presence, we need tools for working through fear and for self-soothing the nervous system activations that are bound to happen when we step out of our comfort zone.



Week Nine: Engaging your Professional Networks

Along the path of having an online presence, you encounter many other people who have compelling online presences. It is crucial to liberate ourselves from the “compare and despair” drama of the Internet. Conceptually, we will also deconstruct the idea that the Internet is a competitive or Darwinian marketplace. Survival of the fittest has taken on a deep significance in the collective psyche when in actuality there are many living systems on this planet that operate best through collaboration, not competition. Internet influence increases through connections, not through being solitary. We will explore how and why actually connecting with people on the Internet (friends, colleagues, and clients) is a key to success and some ways you can further this in your life.



Week Ten: The Person and the Persona: a Reflexive Relationship

At the outer level, a personal brand allows other people to understand who you are and exactly what you are offering to them. It’s a very formal kind of communication. At the inner level, a personal brand becomes a version of yourself that you can step into, perhaps a version of yourself that you feel emboldened by. At neither of these levels is personal brand about inauthenticity - it’s about deep radiance and embodiment! To conclude our studies together we will explore some thoughts about how to integrate this type of creativity into your lifestyle, and how you can allow yourself to be personally influenced and nourished by the process.

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