An Overview of the Astrological Houses & the beginning of a series to explore the houses in an imaginal, mythic and expanded way

Level: Intermediate 


February 9 at 3 - 5 PM Pacific
(recording available to registrants)
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This workshop is for people who have a basic understanding of the houses and are familiar with the basic interpretive themes of the twelve houses. We will be going deeper into the texture, theory, and experiential quality of the houses.

In this class, we are unpacking the meaning of the angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendent, and IC), and the qualities of the angular, succedent and cadent houses. This allows us to understand individual houses through a systems-view of how various areas of life are essentially connected beyond what meets the eye.

We have reflected on the technical details and synthesized them with research, metaphor, and personal and professional experiences from years of astrological practice. We collect these many elements like bees drinking from flowers: to make honey. Our intention is to disseminate essentially enchanting perceptions of the houses so that the framework comes to life in exciting, generative ways out into beyond this workshop. 🍯 

This is perfect for practicing astrologers and astro-enthusiasts and students who already have some experience with the houses and their meanings. It is not a beginner class. This is perfect for people who want to open a deeper oracular conversation with the “places” - the distinct locations of life the cosmos touches down into represented by the houses in the natal chart.


You will learn:

  • Evolutionary/Modern & Ancient/Hellenistic influenced perspectives on the astrological houses
  • Why the houses are the most earthly parts of an astrological chart
  • Basic astronomy and how the angles of the chart (ascendant, midheaven, descendant and IC) are formed, and what they symbolize
  • Ways to feel and imagine the particular frequencies of the angular, succedent, and cadent houses



Why it matters to understand the houses in the context of each other, as opposed to as individual themes:

Most people first learning the houses will learn about each individual house topic (like the second house is about money, and the fifth house is about children and creativity, and so on) and this is sufficient for beginner interpretations, but past that a little more advanced theory will take us a long way! The house meanings are actually deeply connected to one another in a systems-oriented way, in their relationships to the angles. Going deeper into these nuances opens up reflections and insights not just about our own charts, but about the mysteries of these actual ‘places’ in life.

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Meet your instructors

As a child of Mercury, Aliza finds great joy in sharing information. Her written work and conversations make metaphorical hyperlinks, connecting fields outside of yet related to cosmic exploration. These include: film, music and television media, visual and installation art, architecture, philosophy and theory. She is an astrologer with nearly half a century of lived experience and pastiched gnosis.
Her educational background includes Hellenistic, Evolutionary, Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology. Currently, she offers limited individual chart consultation and teaches classes inside Monarch Astrology’s DIVINER course container. Since January 2020, she has been Sabrina Monarch’s teaching assistant through several cohorts of the EA Intensive.
With a lunar Sun and angular Neptune, Aliza moves through the world in gestures rather than solid lines. Though she is steeped in astrological study, she believes her main qualifications are also less tangible. The deepest insights and connections in her own life have come to her in liminal spaces, in moments of collapse/grace, surprise encounters, losses, dreams and creative trance states. These are experiences she honors in others as much as objective accomplishments. Chaos and order are equally beautiful, as are success and failure. She holds no agenda for clients. Her only aim as astrologer is to pay attention – to the motions of the cosmos and the person in front of her. The goal is communion, and the road there is paved with unconditional positive regard. Find her at
Sabrina Monarch is an author/novelist, evolutionary astrologer, and counselor/coach. She gained an unconventional education in creative writing by discovering an online writing community at age 12 and gaining dozens of mentors across the globe who would help her learn how to write for the next several years. She developed an interest in astrology at a young age as well, and took her craft deeper in her early twenties at the same time that her psychic abilities were noticeably coming online. 
She writes weekly forecasts at, is the host of a podcast about spiritual lifestyle and personal evolution called Magic of the Spheres, and she teaches astrology online, including an all-levels Evolutionary Astrology Intensive and advanced alumni courses. 
Sabrina is widely appreciated for her poetic voice and capacity to name subtle, abstract undercurrents of any particular astrological moment. She has an M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and has a deep love affair with the myths, lands, and seas of Greece.